RenderNet is a renderfarm sitting in "the cloud" available on demand - you book, upload 3D project, render and download the resulting images using your favourite web browser and (S)FTP client.

We measure render power in CinePoints, originating from the MAXXON CineBench® R15 software CPU score. To be able to relate to our power and pricing, download and run CineBench R15 here or find a hardware setup that matches yours @


Available render power, additional hosted* render farms not counted.
  You pay for the amount of cinepoints used during a given period, "Cinepoint days" - cpd. If usage exceeds one day @ farm, mass discounts apply:


List price
per cpd**
one(1) day/24h
one(1) week/7 days
one(1) month/30 days
Having large projects that does not have tight schedule or if you are a student/non-profit organization that are willing to let us use your materian in our marketing? Contact us and get a package deal for low priority render time.

Getting started

▪ Register for a new account and get access to our job submit portal.
▪ We will get back to you and establish a workflow, a timeplan and a budget for your render project.
▪ Your project is booked into our calendar and meanwhile you are free to run small tests in order to sort out eventual technical issues.
▪ You render the project following the instruction given at our web portal, using FTP to have images continously copied back onto your network.

*) We offer our client to host their renderfarm integrated into RenderNet, they get full access to their render nodes and we utilized their idle time.

**)  We use CineBENCH® R15 as our benchmark tool and all prices are related to the amount of Cinepoints used during a given time span. For example, rendering on a 900 Cinepoints machine for 24 hours/1 day is 900 Cinepoint Days('cpd').

Available renderers

V-ray™ Chaosgroup
MODO™ The Foundry
Maxwell Render™ Next Limit Tech


▪ You book the entire farm for one or more days and get 100% dedicated 24/7 access, managed through our intuitive web submit interface.

▪ No complicated job price calculations and no battle with other users/projects, simply get 100% of the farm - a minimum of
** equivalent to 25x Dual Xeon 6(12)core @ 2.2GHz, 24GB RAM running Windows 7 64-bit

▪ No need to download and install any plug-ins or third party software, simple FTP upload/download and submit/control through web portal.

▪ No pre-payments or jobs beeing stopped due to low credit, we invoice at end of each calendar month, 30 days net.

▪ We offer to install custom plug-ins and renderer versions/nightlys on demand for a reasonable fee.